Sunday, March 25, 2007

idle speculation

I'd be willing to bet that the development of Disneyland and Los Angeles is roughly parallel. 1950's: both coming into existence with seas of parking surrounding points of attraction, obsession with automobiles, futurism, and eclecticism. Fifteen years later, a belated (and somewhat failed) attempt to add mass rail transportation in a spasm of progressive action, followed by a 10-year slow leak of belief in founding principles. 1990's, expansion through densification, as well as an increasingly self-aware critique of the California condition in general, but at the loss of any belief in futurity or progress. In recent years a partnership with other massive corporations and conglomerates to produce thrilling, controlled simulacra of urbanity, as well as a "rediscovery" and celebration of the mid-century roots.

The question is, which one is mirroring the other?

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