Wednesday, May 02, 2007

captain obvious

If I'm taking my Artist Archetype Action Figures (AAAF's) and making teams, it's pretty obvious who the Architects go with. The Photographers, the Documentary Filmmakers, Land Artists, you know. Meanwhile, the Playwrights hang out with the Screenwriters and Novelists, and Musicians (although perhaps the Musique Concrete guys might take our side.) It basically becomes the Communicators versus the Mute, the Adaptable versus the Stoic. I'm drawing a pretty wide swath here, but I think the reason you don't associate architects with the theatre (except maybe Brecht) is that we're not that interested in syntactical communication. We might talk about "reading" buildings, but we're not talking about rhetoric or story. Buildings are "read" the way that barcodes or hard drives are, as a concrete value that works as a tool on its surroundings. We don't really care if we're understood or even noticed; we just want people to do what we impel them to do.

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