Sunday, May 27, 2007

weekend copout: audio edition

Came across this old field recording from my brief stint abroad and thought I should share it. I remember the guy playing guitar in the background being obnoxious at the time but given some distance the music seems perfect. Bonus 10 points if you can tell me what the people to my left are talking about.


d - b said...

By the by, what is the idea of this "copout"? Last I checked, your self-imposed tagline reads "name selected by free association." Now we all know that the purpose of the blogger tagline is to impose a purpose or topic for the blog of said individual, or else one might be tempted to leave said tagline blank. Heretoforewith, the purpose of your blog would seem to be free association, wherein I would see a audio clip or other random topical addition free to associate and mingle and share drinks with all the other posts on this blog a success in line with the aforementioned tagline. Does this blog have a secret purpose your readers do not know about? I will be taking questions now.

Yes, you, with the red glove and the sallow complexion.

Q:Cough, Why did you write this comment?


Yes, the pretty girl there with the sophisticated air.

Q:Ahem, Why did you write this comment?

A:Ah, simple my dear. I hate working.

autoautistic said...

My mistake, good sir. Reprimand accepted.