Sunday, July 01, 2007

ersatz emotion for sale!

Walter Benjamin wrote a lot about the concept of the "aura" in art. Photography, and mechanical reproduction in general, he argued, destroyed the history and singularity and sheer object-ness of a work of art, a quality he deemed to be a kind of aura surrounding the work, giving it mystery and a kind of emotional Velcro that can be found most strongly in catholic relics and old baby clothes.

Well, folks, technology has come one hundred and eighty degrees. Have your images lost that aura that once suffused them? Are you tired of the neo-modernist emphasis on clarity and calm?

Meet Jesh DeRox, the proprietor of the reconstituted aura. Through the magic of Photoshop "textures," your special event can have nostalgia applied, long before it has naturally accumulated! You don't have to be eighty to have precious things. Finally, welcome to the photographic equivalent of pre-distressed jeans.

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